The Power of Life and death is in the Tongue


Sometimes we speak, not being aware that the very thing we say out of our mouths could cause dramatic situations in our lives or the lives of others.

How many times have we spoken things into existence, and wondered later about the very thing that manifested and wonder why and how we knew it.

We go through life day after day saying things about others and about ourselves not knowing and unaware of the words that are going out into the atmosphere to complete what we have spoken.

When God created the heavens and the earth he spoke it into existence. He said let there be light and there was light. In his word he says we will do greater works. If that is so and the word says The Power is in our tongue then we should be able to speak to that mountain and it shall be moved, We should be able to speak to that bad situation in our lives and it shall be moved. We need not speak of the problem, but speak what the word says about whatever situation we go through, by speaking the solution through the word.

When we feel down we should speak and say That I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus that strengthens me.

When we feel unworthy we should say that I am the righteousness of God. When you feel as though you have enemies at every turn you should say that No weapon formed against me shall prosper any tongue that rises against me in judgement God shall condemn it.

We must learn to speak positive into one another's lives, the enemy tries to get us to speak negative into our lives through using mind battles, Making you think that you are not worthy or defeated, broke and disgusted with the world, sick and tired of life he wants you to be defeated and speak negative.

If we could just change our thinking. We do that by the renewing of our minds, reading the word daily. Why do you think every time you pick the Bible up you get sleepy, try the experiment pick the Bible up try to dedicate sometime to reading the word of God and see what happens. I can tell you right now that the children will act up, you will get sleepy, the phone will ring, someone will knock at the door, or you will get side tracked with something that you might think is more important.

Ask yourself why? It's because the Enemy doesn't want us to renew our minds,he doesn't want us to know that we have power in our tongue to speak to situations, he wants us to be ignorant to the Word of God, As the Bible says My people perish from lack of Knowledge.

Lets start speaking positive, and renewing our minds.

©03/21/2005 Tabatha Hopson
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