Moments to Reflect On


Before I got saved I thought of only having fun,
Now that I am saved, I think of all the things that are to come.

When I was a little girl the dreams I had I couldn't understand.
Now the dreams that I see allows me to see deep within.
The times have changed from year to year.
Do you see the seasons changing?

Look at the seasons that God has brought us through with every waking moment;
I see that his Grace and Mercy has brought me through.

All the times that I was in trouble I never thought to reflect on how I made it through.
Just to let you know it was God who brought me through.

Moments to reflect on when I went through my divorce,
oh what about the time when the Doctor's said that I was going to lose my eyesight,
oh yeah and the time when I was about to be evicted and had nowhere else to go.

Well I am here to tell you all that, it was God who healed my hurting heart.
It was God who gave me back my eyesight.
It was God who supplied all of my needs according to his riches and glory.

©02/26/2005 Tabatha Hopson
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