Broken Vessel


There was a girl born from undue circumstances she thought that she was not loved, and no one cared. Raised by a single mother who really cared, however to young even herself.

Not knowing how to be a mother as only fourteen, she raised her child as she deemed. The father no where in sight went to court, and didn't put up a fight. Left the baby alone with the mother never looking back; not even to hug her.

This child grew up with so much pain as she reached the age of thirteen, she knew something was wrong and she was different as she started acting out,by hanging out with those silly boys.

Broken and lost she had no direction as time went by she got out from correction. Her mother did all she could to guide her right, but with no satisfaction; this child ran away causing so much pain.

At the age of seventeen she got caught into drugs, on her way to destruction. As time went by she started to see that every where she went they were doing the same things. She finally got on her knees and prayed asking the Lord to Rescue Thee.

Time went by she got clean, went to school to get a GED, not knowing what life had in store. She kept on the path and never looked back. She got saved in 1999 she gave her life to Christ, I tell you the truth he worked it out.

Broken Vessel she was, God came into her life and brought her out.

Just a note to all that have some rough roads in life don't give up, keep up the fight. It may seem rough, hard and you want to give up but if he did it for her he will do it for you. Just remember that God has no respective person. He can come into your life just let him in ask and deligently seek him.

Love Broken Vessel

©03/03/2005 Tabatha Hopson
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