Battle Field In Your Mind


How many times have you gotten a thought and you know that it's just not right. You contemplate on doing things,and something tugs at you not to do it. It seems as though a constant battle wanting to do whats right.

Just like Eve in the Garden,the serpent played her in her mind, Now decieved she bit of the fruit and things seem to be fine. When God came into the presence they ran, and hid their face from him.

Now doesn't that seem to be the same way we are when we do something wrong and know God's not pleased, We always tend to run and hide; God called to them he knew what they did, he was not surprised.

God still provided for them and still loved them he just wants you to come to him. Stop running and hiding from the Lord. That old evil devil is just playing with your mind.

This is a Battle field in your mind. No matter what you do just call on God repent, forgive yourself and run into his loving arms.

©03/03/2005 Tabatha Hopson
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