The Potter and His Clay


There was a man who was a potter he took pride in every thing he created. He took time to mold and to shape it.

Sometimes he would drop the clay or put to much water in and would have to add more clay to get it to the right texture.

If you think over your life reflect on when you gave your life to Christ and before you turned it completely to him. How many times do you recall being on a potters wheel.

I remember my life changing, and the times I wailed out in despair getting rid of all the old and coming into what was new. My heart had changed from being hard to being warm. I know it was not of my own will.

I felt as though a peace of clay being formed and molded by the hands of God, being spent on a wheel called life. All the while being molded and formed to be a creation from our heavenly father.

The Lord is the Potter and We are the Clay, let him mold us into his own creation he will move out what is not needed and will restore what is needed. He gave us life. He knows what we need, who we are, and what we will be. Just submit unto the lord don't be watered down, and don't get dried out;let him shape us, and get the glory out of a fresh and beautiful creation.

©02/27/2005 Tabatha Hopson
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