Spiritual Love


Spiritual Love is a love that see's no wrongs.
It holds no grudges, it flows very strong.

Spiritual love see's no pain,
it see's no color it see's no worries, it see's no rain.

Flowing through our veins a love within
that only God could put in.
We are saved and filled with his spirit, he throws out all the old and fills us anew;
giving us the love that he and his son Jesus Christ knew.

When he died on the cross he did so for you and me
knowing that we will one day see
just how much he cared for thee.

Spiritual love finds forgiveness deep within.
Showing them all that he works from within.

Spiritual love is forgiving inspite of them doing you wrong.
For loving your enemy is where you become strong.

©03/03/2005 Tabatha Hopson
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