I Have The Victory


So many times we feel alone, falling into a deep mental zone. Trying to figure out where and how we went wrong, and all the while we just needed to sing a praise song.

My God has given his most precious gift he died on the cross for all our sins. Trying to show us a better way to live all we have to do is worship him.

Dear lord you are the rock I stand on without you as my foundation I know it is wrong. You came into my life and turned it all around coming to get me out of my struggles in my own heart.

Saving me from my own destruction the enemy in me was trying to raise my seduction, you oh lord protected me covering me in your grace and mercy. Now I see the trouble at hand, I give my life to you instead.

The adversary thought he had me, but with my faith he can't stand me. God I praise you night and day laughing and rejoicing for that ending day. God I thank you for saving me,and now I know I can't go wrong,I know I have the victory.

©02/27/2005 Tabatha Hopson
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